5" (125mm) Borewell Submersible Pump

Special Options

  • • Complete body SS Construction Special construction option for corrosive applications, including acids, pH and seawater.

Technical Parameters

Cross Section
Structural Characteristics

Salient Features

  • • IS 8034:2002 & IS 9283:1994 BIS certified models
  • • 5-Star rated Energy efficient pumpsets Easy to dismantle and repair
  • • Available from 3.0HP to 15.0HP in Three phase and up to 7.5HP in Single phase
  • • Also available in NEMA standard mounting dimensions
  • • Built-in NRV valve to reduce risk of water hammering
  • • Stainless Steel casted and fabricated pumps are also available
  • • Bare pump with 50ft head (5RH series) are also available in complete SS construction
  • • Turbo series motor able to working Wide voltage range (250-415V)
  • • Low voltage (180-350V) motors are also available
  • • Specially design high thickness corrugated packing to protect against damages during transportation

Cross Section

Structural Characteristics



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